bblogo US Military Vehicles in Berlin
written by Reinhard von Bronewski
edited for English by John Parmenter

On July 1, 1945 the 2nd Armored Division arrived in Berlin. The came together with troops of the 16th Cavalry Group (MECZ) and units of the 1st Airborne Army. On August 9, 1945, the 2nd Armored Division was relieved by the 82nd Airborne Division. That unit got replaced in November 1945 by the 78th (Lightning) Infantry Division. They got relieved in beginning of 1946 the 3rd Infantry Regiment and the 16th Constabulary Squadron. The 16th Infantry which was in Berlin for 4 years (3rd / 16th replaced 3rd Inf. Reg. in November 1946) and was replaced in 1950 by 6th Infantry Regiment.
Those early units (1945-1950) were, in order:
2nd Armored Division
82nd Airborne Division
78th Infantry Division
3rd Infantry Regiment
3rd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment (1stst Inf. Div.) &
16th Constabulary Squadron (Separate)
6th Infantry Regiment.

Of course, units of 6th Infantry remained in Berlin until replaced by 502nd.

Before the legendary Berlin Brigade has got that name on December 1, 1961, the U.S. Berlin garrison had made several other unit and name changes.

July 4, 1945 ------ Berlin Military District
Nov 1946 --------- Berlin Command
May 1948 -------- Berlin-Military-Post
Dec 1952 --------- Berlin Command
Dec 1, 1961 ------ Berlin Brigade

This also included, that a large number of wheeled and tracked military vehicles were brought in to Berlin. Some of them were pulled out to U.S. garrisons in West Germany or shipped back to the U.S.A.

In the first years some typical U.S. military vehicles were seen in town. There were the famous jeeps from Willys, the old 2.5t "Deuce & a half" trucks and 0.75t Dodge "weapons carriers" trucks, Sherman tanks, wheeled Scout cars ( M8 & M20 ) especially used by the Constabulary units, Half-tracked Personal Carrier and several variants of other armed vehicles.

In between of that time until the departure of the Berlin Brigade in Summer of 1994, many of those vehicles were replaced by modernized ones. In my photo-slide-show gallery you can see some of them.

I could not find photos of all U.S. vehicles which were used in Berlin. My best source are memory photos, send to me by U.S veterans. If somebody has military photos, I'm always be thankful to get a copy of it. By this way I could add them to my memory website photo gallery.

In Berlin was a very special contingent of wheeled and tracked vehicles only. Several variants of military vehicles (wheeled & tracked) never were brought in to Berlin.

The most of time the U.S. Berlin units maintained 4 main motor pools:
Motor pool
Turner Barracks
(tanks and supply vehicles)

After the end of WWII, various M4-Sherman, M26- Pershing and M47-Patton tanks etc. were brought in to Berlin. In the late 1950s years -22- M48-A1, later replaced by M48-A2-Patton tanks were parked at Turner Bks. motor pool.

In 1963 the M48-A2 got replaced by:

-22- M60-A1/A3 battle tanks.
- 2- M88 Recovery tanks
- 2- M577 Command tracks (APC M113 body)

-30- M1-A1 ABRAMS battle tanks replaced in 1989 all M60/A3, the old M88 were kept in use until the end .

Jeeps: M38 Willys MC / M38A1 MD / M151 A1/A2/ Humvees (HMMV)
Trucks: 0.75t, 2.5t & 5t in different variants (troop transport & "weapons carriers") , Fuel trucks, Wrecker trucks, trailers different sizes for various purposes)

While the Berlin crisis years, the 2nd and 3rd Battle Groups were equipped with -5- extra tanks each. (M48A2 / M60A1) Those tanks were parked at Andrews & McNair Barracks motor pools. In that era the Berlin Brigade has all together -32- heavy battle tanks.

3 Motor pools at
McNair Barracks
( 2 separate off-post, 1 on-post)

2 different motor pools from 5th & 6th Batt. / 502nd Inf. Reg. (1950 - 1984: 3rd & 4th / 6th Inf. Reg.) were on the opposite of the McNair Barracks main gate. To get to there, the unit driver had to cross the street -Goerzallee- to pick up the vehicles.

Another motor pool from units 4th Batt. / 502nd Inf., (earlier 2nd Batt., 6th Inf.) & E320-FA (earlier C94-FA), was located -on post- very next to the back gate of McNair and the local stockade.

In 1988 each of the 3 Battalions was equipped with following vehicles:

-24- M113-A2 - APC - (such APC had replaced in 1963 the old -M59- (Armored Personnel Carrier)
-8- M151/A2 (jeeps) with M60 MG (Recon Platoon)
-6- M151-A2 mounted with TOW (they had replaced ATGW and 106mm Recoilless rifles)
-5- M151-A2 FIM -REDEYE-
-2- M577 (Command tracks on M113 body)
-8- Mortar 81mm, Crews and Mortars were transported in APC or "Humvees" (earlier by GAMA GOATS or ¾ Trucks)
-5- Mortar 107mm, -see above-
       (the old 0.75t Dodge, three Quarter-"weapons carriers" trucks were replaced
       in the 1979s by so-called GAMA GOATS trucks)
Various other wheeled vehicles like 2.5t M35-A2 and 5t trucks & trailers in different sizes for various purpose.
The M35-A1/A2 trucks (DEUCE & an Half) were still in use.

In Summer 1987 all jeeps got replaced by HMMV (Humvees)

Motor pool
next to McNair back gate
(on post):

4th Batt,-502nd Inf. Reg.,(1950 - 1984: 2nd Batt., 6th Inf. Reg. )
C94 FA (1962 - 1984)
E320 FA(1984 - 1994)

Here were parked the same vehicles like the ones of the 2 other Inf. Batt.
but also all special vehicles from the Field artillery (FA) .

-8- M109-A2, Howitzers
-8- M548-A1, later M992- full-tracked ammo carrier and various other wheeled support vehicles

Motor pools:
Andrews Barracks

287th MP Co. :M151/A2 (jeeps) , since Summer 1987 HMMV
                          Trucks M35-A2 , Dodge stations wagons,
                          ( each of the 4 platoons had various jeeps or Humvees, most of them with mounted M60 machine guns)
                          2 parade jeeps (Ford Mutt)
                          1old wheeled personal carrier (for parade and display purposes only)

ENG42nd :- 3 - M728 -CEV- (M60 body)
                  - 8 - DUMP trucks, 5t, M74,5t Recovery- and fuel trucks, various vehicles and trailers for special purposes

TMP :(Transportation motor pool) , large number of wheeled vehicles for various purposes
           (buses, military sedans, vans, trucks, trailers etc.)

Maintenance :all kind of different vehicles, ( temporary parked)

Motor pools TCA: no info at this time

While maneuvers in the Grunewald forest, every Berliner could see everything which usually was parked or hidden inside of the U.S. motor pools at Andrews-, McNair- and Turner Barracks. To get from the barracks to the maneuver areas in the Grunewald, Wannsee Dauerwald, Parks Range etc, the military convoys always used the same streets and marching routes. This were streets like: Goerzallee, Osdorfer Str., Seehofstr., Finckensteinallee, Dahlemer Weg , Sundgauer Str., Berliner Str., Onkel-Tom-Str., Fischerhuetten Str., Clayallee, Huettenweg, Potsdamer Str /Chaussee, Stahnsdorfer Damm, Koenigstr., Pfaueninsel Chaussee etc.
Almost 20 years of my life I lived in the Onkel-Tom-Str., very next to the Grunewald. A view out of my window has shown me those usually military movements all the time.

The color of the Berlin Brigade vehicles has been until the late 1980s -olive drab- only. In West Germany all US vehicles had the usual woodland camouflaged paint. In Berlin only the Brits had used camouflaged vehicles the most of time.

Until mids of the 1960s, the most of the military U.S. vehicles had large white stars. (hood, doors or side)
After it the large white stars were replaced by smaller ones at special vehicle places only ( bumpers and fenders). After it they got replaced again by small black stars. (Vietnam era)

U.S. civilian and military vehicles belonged to the district of Zehlendorf like "clouds to the sky". The most of vehicles always were the legendary jeeps ( all variants) and the -Deuce-&-an Halfs- trucks. There was no day ( maybe except Sundays and U.S. holidays) without such vehicles in our streets.

Photo-Show US Military Vehicles in Berlin